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Mediterranea Trio Cast a Spell

Magical Musicians Enrapture Their Audience

The Mediterranea Trio had the audience spellbound when they demonstrated their amazing technique and cohesion in the Hayward Theatre on the 11th March 2011.
The pianist Elenlucia Pappalardo, violinist Markella Vandoros, and the cellist Alessandro Sanguineti combined perfectly, playing as one. Their concert included mammoth works that explored a wide range of styles and expressions.
Schubert’s Piano Trio no.2 in E flat major opened the programme. In these four varied movements, the three players definitely added a Mediterranean flavour to their performance as they fully expressed the emotive and lyrical potency of Schubert’s themes.
Cascading runs and broken chords in the piano and beautifully entwined violin and cello episodes captured our attention immediately. The playful Scherzo and its subsequent changes of mood and the intriguing stuttering theme in the final movement were also exquisitely executed.
This was followed by Shostakovich’s Piano Trio no.2 in E minor which provided a nice contrast. In this work we were transported to the sparse countryside of Russia. Intriguing use of harmonics in the cello helped create an eerie sense of emptiness and loss associated with the souls of the missing people from the atrocities of the Second World War.
This desolation branched into long episodes that were demonic, macabre or pervaded with haunting gypsy refrains. Not a moment was lost. Every nuance of expression and emotion was wrenched from the notes by these amazing musicians.
This delightful concert ended with Piazzolla’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires. This work demonstrated without a doubt that these players ‘have it’.
Some musicians, no matter how practiced they are, can create music that is note perfect and rhythmically exact but that never quite touches the soul of the music. However, these wonderful performers exuded natural Latin rhythmic ‘know how’ to fascinating effect. Their amazing technical agility, their expressive intensity and their empathy with the style was always permeated with an infectious Tango rhythmic pulse.

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Review of our concert for the Tilford Bach Society at Farnham Castle

Piano, violin and cello make an exciting combination and The Mediterranea Trio made a welcome second visit to Farnham Castle at a concert for the Tilford Bach Society. This event was exciting in many ways.
The choice of music was guaranteed to excite the music lovers – Schubert’s Piano Trio in E flat Major was an excellent starter with its demanding changes of tempo and virtuoso piano playing. The group tackled the entire piece with total confidence and great finesse. The climactic final movement had pulses racing as much in the audience as amongst the performers.
Haydn’s “Gypsy” Piano Trio was also well received with, once again, a very demanding score that rose to a final movement with a gypsy rondo that had everyone’s adrenalin flowing.
The final work was a contrast on more than one level. The Argentinian composer Piazzola’s Four Season’s may be inspired by Vivaldi’s work with the same name, but the similarity stops there. A modern work, it both surprised and excited the audience, not least because the final part Summer comes to an abrupt halt, unlike the previous pieces where we can see the terminus of our journey dozens of bars before the end.
This group delivers wonderful music with great confidence.

Ian Sargeant

You can read the review online on the Tilford Bach Society website (Scroll down to the 15th April performance report).